one thousand beautiful things

Like a lot of things in my home, this book came to me by way of the thrift store. It is a children's anthology, and it is where the title of this blog comes from.

I've just completed a major purge of my bookshelves. Some unneeded titles went to friends, others mailed off through paperbackswap, a few were sold. (I use bookscouter to find the best prices for reselling books.)  

My towering bookshelves were overstuffed with thrifted "treasures" and "must haves"...I tend to go on book benders and end up with every book on the subject I want to study--always more than I need or could ever possibly read.  I also have a terrible weakness for vintage children's books: hence the teal beauty to the right.

Despite seemingly adequate book accommodations, there were stacks of books sitting on the ground before my last clearing out. Not tidy. So I had to let many volumes go. And I was reminded of a simple yet important guideline I look to for decorating my home:

The fewer things there are to look at, the more they can each be seen and appreciated.

Now we can see and appreciate our most special books. (And I am definitely keeping this one.)

Welcome to the blog.